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There is always more to the story.

What Does It Mean.
Take a well known concept.  Like the UNDERGROUND RAILROAD.  We don't realize how rich the actual history of the acts of "Moses" and the hundreds of people involved. In other words Harriet was not alone.  Nor was she the first or last.

Both the enslaved and free warriors were required to know techniques of espionage and diversion.  The science of when to move and how to control your humanity. The science of the stars and the land.  We are taught that it was Hide and Seek.  But it was more like using the collective brilliance of men and women that valued humanity more than individual freedom.  We don;t talk about those that gave their lives in order for people they didn't even know

The first abolition society was formed in 1688 in Pennsylvania.  The Society for the Relief of Free Negroes, unlawfully held in Bondage." was formed in 1775.  This only shows that there are hidden seeds in our histories.

All that is to say there are things in our so called "hidden history"  that can literally be taken to the bank.  The skills. The inspiration. The music and the poetry of lives lived.  Right here!  To often we leave what we create behind.  The stories of our ancestors, of every race, is both brutal and beautiful.  Tragic and even hillarious.

We have curated tours and events for several years on the site of several sacred spaces.  Along with other Richmonders we have curated cultural reclamation of neglected spaces, assisted in locating unmarked burial sites and hosted seasonal volunteer events.  Our specialty is in using  music and other mixed media to build a human connection to all ethnicities and ages.

There are hundreds of dedicated local volunteers,  advocates, nonprofits and local businesses working to restore and honor Richmonds sacred spaces.  Ancestral Capital wants every student, citizen, visitor and their families to retain a lasting and hopeful connection.

There is beauty, long overlooked, in this area.  Ancestral Capital has a deep connection to the people of Richmond.  With family ties to media, entrepreneurship, politics and art dating back to 1800s and beyond.


There are stories to be told and new ways to experience them.  We believe in the musical concept of "bluphoriA".  A word that means " Finding Joy inside the Pains of Life".

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Put yourself into the times and spirit of the people of Richmond.  These songs capture what the Elders were hearing in their daily lives.  Most of these songs have direcdt connections to Richmond and it's history.

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