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Reginald Carter - Activist and Developer of The Richmond Planet License Plate


Virginians can help shine light on history and bring a little-known lesson about The Richmond Planet, a Black-owned and operated newspaper in the 1800s to the forefront.

Delving into the story of 13 free slaves who founded the Richmond Planet has given Reggie Carter life.

In fact, for a year and a half, it is what has fueled his passion to get that story told in a unique way: a DMV-issued license plate.

“The Richmond Planet license plate, the bill itself took effect July 1. The governor has signed it into law,” Reginald Carter said. “Right now I'm in the process of meeting with DMV to turn over the paperwork and hand over the proposed design. I have over 600 pre-orders of the 450 that were required. I'm going to give that to DMV and the funds. From there, they are going to move forward with mass producing and work on production.”

"We have brown to symbolize oxidized paper. An actual front page of a newspaper. A QR code that works ( scan it if you don’t trust me). A flexed bicep which is not a raised fist. It is the masthead of the Richmond Planet Newspaper. Lastly, for all purchasers who elect to get a standard plate, it will have the initials “RP” for the Richmond Planet. Virginia State Police will have to test for visibility, but this is the plate I am anticipating that will hit the streets next year. If you didn’t preorder you’ll be able to order directly from DMV next year $10.00 for standard and $20.00 for personalized! 

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